Panoramic flight Christ the Redeemer

The Christ the Redeemer "Cristo Redentor" is a statue that is located at the top of Corcovado hill, overlooking most of the city of Rio de Janeiro. This view is beautiful and unparalleled to any other, we of RIOCOPTER, knowing this, we created the Panoramic flight Christ the Redeemer "Cristo Redentor".

In the itinerary of our Panoramic flight Christ the Redeemer "Cristo Redentor" we have the Sugar Loaf "Pão de Açúcar", the Corcovado and the most famous beaches in Rio de Janeiro.

In our itineraries of Panoramic flights are present the most beautiful sights of the world, such as the beaches of Copacabana and Ipanema, the Maracanã, Sugar Loaf "Pão de Açúcar" and Christ the Redeemer "Cristo Redentor", one of the 7 wonders of the world. Routes that surprise cariocas and tourists from all over the world.

Christ the Redeemer "Cristo Redentor" of a differentiated vision is with RIOCOPTER

One of the best ways to get to know Christ the Redeemer "Cristo Redentor" is by taking a helicopter panoramic flight, the tour is very pleasant and exciting, from the top the tourist has a great view of both the Christ the Redeemer "Cristo Redentor" and other tourist attractions in Rio de Janeiro.

Our aircraft carefully follow all the maintenance procedures recommended by the aircraft manufacturers and the National Civil Aviation Agency (ANAC), following international safety standards, so when you make our Panoramic flight Christ the Redeemer "Cristo Redentor" you will be safe.

We at RIOCOPTER made Panoramic flights accessible at Christ the Redeemer "Cristo Redentor". There are experiences in life that are worth every penny invested, and a Panoramic flight in Christ the Redeemer "Cristo Redentor" is one of them.

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